Excellent Endoscopy’s only business is the sale and repair of endoscopes and all endoscopy related products.

  Excellent Endoscopy’s personnel have been selling and repairing new and refurbished endoscopy instrumentation and related medical/surgical products since 1977.

  Excellent Endoscopy’s sales staff and technicians have worked for the original manufacturers and are experts in the field of endoscopy products.

  Excellent Endoscopy’s management team pioneered the establishment of standards for refurbished endoscopes and accessories and developed Certified Pre-Owned standards to be equivalent to the original manufacturers.

  Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. is the only company to offer an extended two-year warranty on the Certified Pre-Owned scopes we sell.

  Excellent Endoscopy, Inc.is the only company to have a Free 90 Day Upgrade Policy which assures the buyer of never making an incorrect buying decision.

  Excellent Endoscopy is one of the first companies to offer refurbished endoscopes to Veterinarians that were specifically modified and built for use on large and small animals.

  Excellent Endoscopy, Inc has its own, in house, endoscope repair and manufacturing facility and can repair all brands of endoscopes.

  Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. uses genuine OEM components and name brand parts for the endoscopes we re-manufacture for resale.