Our Mission

Excellent Endoscopy is not just a memorable name that is intended to make the reader smile.

The name, Excellent Endoscopy, reflects the philosophy and morals of its founders. Excellent Endoscopy tells the reader exactly who we are and what they can expect when they work with us.

Excellent Endoscopy is a young company with more than 100 years combined endoscopy product sales and repair expertise along with the absolute strongest customer service commitment in the industry. As the name implies, Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. is dedicated to providing the practicing endoscopist with excellent quality repairs and restorations as well as new or totally rebuilt and refurbished endoscopy instrumentation. Each certified scope and total rebuild is delivered with a true and honest 2-year extended warranty, outstanding customer service, and prices that are affordable.

Our mission is to provide affordable, excellent quality, endoscopy instrumentation to the practicing endoscopist, so that all patients who require curative and life saving minimally invasive endoscopic procedures can be accurately diagnosed and treated for their diseases and ailments. Our responsibility extends to the doctors and nurses who supervise and administer to these patients so that procedures can be done quickly, with properly functioning and affordable instrumentation, resulting in accurate diagnosis and positive results.

The prices charged by the original endoscopy equipment manufacturers for their newest endoscopic technology continue to rise. You can conserve your capital and invest in a complete restoration of your current endoscopy instrumentation. For approximately 20% of the price of a new scope, we can rebuild your existing flexible endoscope to “like new” condition. Your restored endoscope will function and look like new. Additionally, we will warranty that rebuilt scope for an extended two years against defects in materials and workmanship, just as if it were new.

Excellent Endoscopy, where excellence matters!!!

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