Olympus Endorses The Purchase of Pre-Owned Endoscopy Equipment

Excellent Endoscopy

In a recent article published in Becker's ASCREVIEW, Practical Business, Legal and Clinical Guidance for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, one of the product managers for The Olympus Corporation of America, said that purchasing pre-owned endoscopy equipment is an excellent way to stretch your budget thereby being able to purchase more endoscopy instrumentation with your available dollars.

He listed five (5) points to consider before purchasing pre-owned endoscopy equipment:

  1. Supplier: You must have confidence in the supplier of the pre-owned instrumentation. You should know how long they have been in business, their reputation, their willingness to provide references and the support they will give you after the sale is made. You want a supplier who is stable and who will be able to stand behind the product during its usable life.
  2. Condition: Not all suppliers of endoscopes refurbish endoscope equally. Putting a shiny tube on an old scope may make it look good, but will do nothing to insure the life of the product. The products you buy should be completely refurbished and restored with new internal components, including new biopsy channels, light guide cables, bending sections and angulation cables. Do not be fooled by the term "refurbished." Your refurbished scope should look and function like new. Ask your supplier exactly what has been done to the scope so that it will give you, the buyer, trouble free service and a reasonable return on your investment.
  3. Warranty: Not all warranties are the same. You want to consider the length and terms of the warranty. Moreover, any warranty is only as good as the supplier behind it. You need to be reasonably confident that the supplier will remain in business and be able to deliver on their promise to provide warranty service and replacement parts during the warranty period.
  4. Parts: Ask your supplier where they get their parts and if they have access to OEM and aftermarket high quality endoscope parts and components.
  5. Service: Consider who will be servicing and supporting your pre-owned equipment. Will the supplier help you install it? Will they in-service and train your staff? Will they be available for technical support and assistance? Be sure your supplier has restored your equipment to the factory specifications to insure patient safety as well as the device's ability to deliver reliable performance.

While there are many factors to consider before purchasing pre-owned equipment, the main one is price. Price is indeed a major factor and purchasing pre-owned equipment could save you many, many thousands of dollars.However, price alone, without confidence in your supplier; without quality in the refurbished product you are purchasing; without an honest and long lasting warranty and without good service after the sale is made, would be a poor investment.

Based upon the 5 pointanalysis made by Olympus, we believe that Excellent Endoscopy Inc. is an excellent choice when you do consider purchasing previously owned endoscopy equipment for the purpose of saving large amounts of money, but without any sacrifice in quality or service.

We believe that Excellent Endoscopy Inc. meets all of the 5 criteria listed in the article written by Olympus:

  1. The management at Excellent Endoscopy are well know suppliers of previously owned, fully refurbished endoscopy products and have been in this type of business for 28 years. The company has a long, long list of satisfied customers from all over the world who can contacted for references
  2. Excellent Endoscopy Inc. rebuilds and refurbishes each scope it sells so that the condition of the refurbished scope is as close to new as possible. Our refurbishment includes new tubes, new internal components and new electronics, where needed. Your refurbished scope will look and perform like new when you receive it.
  3. Only Excellent Endoscopy Inc. has an honest 2 year extended warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty has no small print and there are no hidden clauses. Our warranty is modeled after the original manufacturer's warranty except that we give you, our customer, a second year option.
  4. Excellent Endoscopy Inc. uses parts and components made both by the OEM and other FDA approved manufacturers.
  5. Excellent Endoscopy Inc. provides excellent service after the sale is completed. This is a family owned company that has more than 100 years of combined experience in the sale and repair of endoscopy products. Our technical representatives will visit your facility to help you set up your endoscopy system and teach your staff how to care for and maintain the products purchased. Technical support is available both in person, over the internet and on the telephone.

Based on the article written by Olympus, we believe that Excellent Endoscopy Inc. is an excellent source for the purchase of pre-owned, fully restored and refurbished endoscopy products at remarkably low prices. Repairs and complete restorations are also done to perfection.

Remember: Excellence Matters

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