Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. pledges that you will never again make an incorrect buying decision when purchasing an endoscopy product or system from us.

Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. is the only company that offers you a Free 90 Day Upgrade Policy.

With this policy, you are assured of never making an incorrect purchasing decision again.

The Free 90 Day Upgrade Policy works like this: During your first 90 days of ownership, Excellent Endoscopy, Inc. will accept for 100% return credit, the product you have purchased from us that you feel does not meet your requirements. Excellent Endoscopy will then allocate that entire amount of money towards the purchase of any other product, of equal or greater value.

You only pay us the difference in price.

You are assured of always getting the product that you believe is best suited for your requirements. You never need to worry about having purchased the “wrong” product.

There are only two provisions: That the upgrade be done within 90 days of receipt of the original item and that the product being returned be in the same functioning and cosmetic condition as when you received it.

It is really that simple. Purchase with confidence! You will never need to worry about buying an endoscopy product that may not meet your requirements or expectations.

Excellent Endoscopy! Because “Excellence Matters.”